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Beverly J. Matthews, MS, LPC, NCC, Cpcs

I am a seasoned psychotherapist, having worked with individuals, couples and groups for over 23 years. Although I am a licensed practitioner, my ongoing training and development has formed the basis of my approach to helping people.


I work with clients from a mind-body-spirit perspective, focusing on the needs and goals of an individual’s personal development, utilizing the body and the soul to inform the mind of what it needs to heal. I have had intensive training in trauma work, including 20 years of training in and teaching experiential therapeutic modalities, such as hypnotherapy, psychodrama, energetic breathwork, meditation, energy healing techniques, and psychological shock treatment. I am also working toward my certification as a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner and am currently completing my intermediate year.


I have led healing intensive workshops and retreats throughout this time which incorporate these modalities. I continue to give talks and CEU training workshops to therapists on topics such as self-hypnosis, self-care, experiential approaches to therapy and meditation.


My clientele includes adolescents and adults of all ages. My practice focuses on addiction recovery, codependency, relationship issues, anxiety, depression, grief and spiritual crises and awakenings. I draw my philosophy from the works of Eckhart Tolle, Don Miguel Ruiz, Carolyn Myss, Brene Brown, Gary Zukav, Wayne Dyer, Susan Campbell, Cheri Huber, Pema Chodron, Ram Dass, Gary Renard, John Gottman and many more.

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